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Carestream 8100 3D

Our office now uses a state of the art X-ray machine:
The  Carestream 8100 3D.


Safer Examinations
The CS 8100 3D uses dental 3D technology to limit radiation dose and ensure safer exams.
• Confine radiation to area of interest with flexible fields of view
• Control size, resolution, and dose for each exam
• Adherence to the ALARA Principle helps you keep radiation exposure as low as reasonably achievable
• Dental 3D technology reduces exposure significantly more than conventional CT systems
Precision from All Angles 
The CS 8100 3D is designed for accuracy, with a vibration-free motion system working together to ensure smooth image capture.
• Delivers sharp, contrasted images with resolution up to 75 μm
• 3D images offer more accurate views of patients’ dental anatomies
• View the area of interest from every angle, with one-to-one accuracy
Convenient for Everyone
Whether you are the user or the patient, the CS 8100 3D makes image acquisition quick and simple.
• Open, face-to-face design puts patients at ease and promotes comfort
• Fast scanning times prevent movement and reduce retakes
• Accessible to patients of all sizes and individuals in wheelchairs

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We look forward to seeing you!

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