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Dentures Dentist in Bay Ridge 11209


When a patient has all or a few teeth removed, they will need dentures.
Full dentures are given to a patient when all teeth are removed and partial dentures are
given when just a few need to be replaced. The two types of full dentures are:

Conventional Full Dentures – When all the teeth are removed in a patient, the tissue
still needs time to heal before dentures can be put in. This process could take a few
months as the gum tissue heals and a patient may be without teeth during this

Immediate Full Dentures – Before a patient has their teeth removed, the dentist will
take measurements for the dentures to be put in to the mouth right after the teeth
get removed. These dentures are benefical to a patient because they will not have to
spend a moment without teeth. However, they will need to revisit they dentist to
periodically have the dentures tightened as their mouth heals.
Similar to a bridge is the partial denture, however this is not a solid fixture and can
be removed from the mouth.

Patients have said that the dentures take some time getting used to as it feels bulky
and can limit room for the tongue. Sometimes they can also feel loose, and can also
affect the way you talk and eat for a period of time. However, after some time your
mouth adjusts to the dentures and eating and talking become normal as the
dentures begin to feel natural. Obviously this beats otherwise not having teeth.

As artificial as the are, dentures should still be cared for as teeth. They must be
brushed to remove any plaque of food that gets caught in them prior to removing
them from your mouth. Afterwards, they should be carefully placed into a denture
cleaning solution or a container filled with room temperature water. Be careful not
to use hot water as these can damage the sustainability of the dentures. They should
also only be adjusted by a professional dentist and should never be done at home.
Contact your dentist if they ever feel out of place or loose.

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