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Wisdom Teeth Extractions Bay Ridge 11209

The third set of molars that grow normally between a person’s late teens to mid
twenties are the wisdom teeth. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial
Surgeons estimates that 85% of people will need removing of these final set of teeth.
Sometimes wisdom teeth can grow out naturally, but for some it may be very painful
as they start to affect the surrounding gums. Aside from pain they may also grow out
unevenly or even erupt partially.

Once wisdom teeth start to impact the mouth, they can cause damage to not only the
jaw but surrounding teeth as well. Since wisdom teeth are hard to reach and clean, if
they are not treated in time this can lead to bigger issues like buildup of bacteria and
possible infection. During a dentist exam, routine x-rays will be done to check if
wisdom teeth will have to be removed or not.

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